13 Great Places to Trade Stuff Online

13 Online Barter Communities
1. BabysitterExchange
What you can trade: babysitting, carpooling, pet-sitting, tutoring, etc.
This website essentially helps you set up a babysitting, tutoring, pet-sitting, or similar neighborhood sharing cooperative online.

2. BizXchange
What you can trade: business services and goods.

3. Craigslist
What you can trade: everything
Craigslist is a three ring circus – newspaper classifieds gone wild. There are countless items and services for sale and trade.

4. Freecycle
What you can trade: everything
Freecycle is kind of like Craigslist’s DIY libertarian cousin. It revolves around people wanting to give things away – items they have that they just want to find a good home for.


5. Game Trading Zone
What you can trade: video games
Game Trading Zone is a service that lets you set up trades for video games and video game accessories.

6. Goozex
What you can trade: video games, computer games
On the other hand, Goozex also allows trading of video games and computer games, but instead of requiring users to set up trades, it assigns a point value to each game or peripheral you list.

7. PaperBackSwap
What you can trade: books
What can I say? I love PaperBackSwap. I’m an avid reader, and that often means that my shelves get overstuffed with books. I used to take piles of them to the used book store, but I’d get at best a 2-for-1 exchange and the selection at local used book stores was limited. PaperBackSwap works much more efficiently. You just list ten books you want to trade and the site gives you two credits.

8. SwapACD
What you can trade: CDs
This service works much like PaperBackSwap, except with CDs. You receive a credit for each CD sent out; requesting a CD costs a credit and $0.49.

9. SwapADVD
What you can trade: DVDs
Again, this works much like PaperBackSwap, except for DVDs. When you sign up, you list ten DVDs for trade and receive two credits. You receive a credit for each DVD sent out and requesting a DVD costs a credit.

10. SwapStyle
What you can trade: clothing, fashion accessories
This is a perfect place to go if you’re a clothes or fashion junkie. You can swap clothes, cosmetics, shoes, handbags and so on.

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