The stunning reasons why some women prefer to freeze their eggs

The numbers of girls undergoing elective egg cooling across the Western world has enlargedchop-chop over the past few years. howeververy little was better-knownregarding what intended ladies to form use of this novel procedure.

Our latest analysis, shows that, contrary to what many of usbelieve, ladiesdon’t freeze their eggs for career reasons. They freeze them as a result of they have longer to search out an acceptablepartner, to avoid future regret and to stop partakingin what we’vereferred to as“panic partnering”.


All of the thirty one ladiesinterviewed for our analysisdetermined to freeze their eggs as a result of they believed they were running out of your time to become a mother. Specifically, we have a tendency to found that the ladies feared that as they grew older they might be less doubtless to be ready tobecome a mother in an exceedinglysecure, intimate relationship – conceiving a babyUnited Nations agency shared genes from oldsters United Nations agencywere equally committed to adulthood in concert another.

At the time of cooling their eggs, twenty sixladies were single and 5 were in relationships. The 5 ladies United Nations agencyfroze their eggs whereas in an exceedinglyrelationship did thus as a result ofthey were either unsure of the potential longevity of their partnership, or as a result of they were in new or fledgling relationships wherever the discussion of adulthood felt premature.


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